Since 1973, the lunatics have worked to overturn the Roe versus Wade decision, and they have been assisted by those who might not agree but who wished votes, rather power. The combination of the lunatics and those who pandered for power has brought us to this moment, when Roe versus Wade looks likely to be overturned in the summer of 2022.

I have two main questions.

Why? The lunatics would say their goal is to protect fertilized eggs, embryos, fetuses (well, that is not what they would say, but let us leave falsehoods aside). But if they force pregnancy and birth without thought for any other consequences, their way leads to death, destruction, and even disaster for society, as it did before. It is clear they neither give nor tolerate thought of consequences, but what is their goal? Once they cause all this needless suffering, do they just sit back and feel good about it? I suppose so. They certainly do not mind the thought of women or babies dying (or entire families sinking into poverty and despair) due to their lunacy.

What is next? Do they think that America will suddenly say, “Oh, okay, we’ll obey”? They certainly did not respect the settled law, so I don’t know what (other than wishful thinking and hubris) makes them think anyone else will respect their completely unsettled attack on our society. It is hard to take seriously. Alito’s draft opinion is so poorly written that I, an English teacher, would require that he rewrite it and come up with better supporting evidence and arguments. One cannot simply quote a seventeenth-century witch hunter because he agrees with you. If Alito is the best the lunatics can do for a representative, I pity them. The truth is, I could write a better opinion for overturning Roe versus Wade than Alito did, and I don’t even support doing so.

I think the lunatics are going to be disappointed when they face opposition greater in number and strength than the opposition they brought. They were dishonest; their opponents are honest. They were motivated by the abstraction of “the unborn”; their opponents are motivated by the concrete reality of their own bodies. I think I know which way the struggle will turn out. Those with overwhelming numbers and passion will win the debate, but not before many more unnecessary deaths and maimings occur. Lives must be ruined for the lunatics to be defeated.

Let us not let those losses be in vain.



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