The Little Gold Giant

For over twenty years, I saw the Republican and Democratic Parties as two giants fighting to the death. I saw the Green Party as a little giant who kept getting in the way, preventing the Democratic Giant from finishing the Republican Giant off. Every time the Democratic Giant got close to succeeding, the Little Green Giant jumped in and distracted the Democratic Giant, enabling the Republican Giant to score a devastating blow. The Little Green Giant named Nader gave us George W. Bush and hundreds of thousands of deaths, for example. The Little Green Giant named Stein gave us Donald J. Trump and hundreds of thousands of deaths, for example.

I thought and said that if the Little Green Giant could just calm itself and let the Democratic Giant finish the job, then the Little Green Giant could grow bigger and fight the Democratic Giant if it wished, once the Republican Giant was gone. I saw the Republican Giant as a monolith, undefeatable except by the Democratic Giant. Never once in more than twenty years, in all my dreams of the end of the Republican Party, did I imagine that the Republican Party was a house of cards that could be brought down from within.

But a little gold (or orange, if you prefer) giant named Donald J. Trump marched into the Republican Party China Shop and began rampaging. He attacked all the giants. He hurt the entire world, but he also hurt the Republican Giant. As I say, such a scenario never once occurred to me. I was delighted to see him wrecking the Republican Party. Even now, his splitting the Party in two (MAGA Cult versus sanity) brings me great comfort. Having studied history, I know there is no return to power for him, as all non-cultists unite more every day against his cult and him.

However, for the sake of the good he did by destroying the Republican Giant from within, here’s to the Little Gold Giant I did not foresee.



Thought needs the most provoking.

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